Dart flexible angle grinder

DART Flexible Angle Drivers – Can It Get Any Easier? 

Listen up, sparkies: next time you’re drilling in some cupboard under the stairs with barely even enough space to breathe let alone move, why not give DART’s flexible angle driver a shot and make your job as smooth as can be? 

Any tradesperson out there will know just how important angle drivers are to reach tight spaces when you are drilling and screwdriving. These must-have power tool accessories are for any toolbox and can be used for the same applications as the standard 90° angle drivers – which is exactly why DART knows that ‘if it’s the bit that does the hard bit, then [you need to] add the right bit’.  

However, let’s not forget the key difference between a usual angle driver and a flexible one. While on a standard angle driver you don’t have the flexible shaft, and the head is fixed at 90°, with DART’s flexible angle driver you can bend the flexible shaft of the driver bit holder into any angle, making it much easier to use in tight spots for drilling.   

Flexible angle drivers, including DARTs, are universal parts. They come with a Hex shank end, giving you the option to use it in both combi drills and impact drivers, so you won’t need to worry about having the correct drill when you suddenly realise you actually do need to use a flexible angle driver.  

At DART, they believe that quality comes before all else and have developed the ultimate flexible angle driver, providing you with an easy choice when you need to drill in or out of a tight spot – with DART, you can achieve the seemingly impossible.  

The angle driver comes with a handle for enhanced support, which can be removed when you need to access especially cramped spots. It also features zinc alloy housing, making it an extra-long life and durable drill bit accessory.  

Fully extendable up to 300mm, this flexible angle driver includes a quick-change hex shank and magnetic bit holders that make it very quick and efficient to use.  

Due to its high quality and zinc alloy, it can be used for high torque applications, and operate at up to 2000rpm. To add to that, it is ISO9001 accredited and manufactured to the highest standard, so you can rest assured that it’s not just going to fall apart at the worst possible moment. 

What’s the most cramped spot you’ve ever worked in? Why not get in touch and let us know in the comments below? We always love to hear from you. 

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