Time to Decommission Your Horse and Buggy – New Corvus DX4 Launch 

For all who work in the agriculture and forestry industries (or if you’re simply an off-road enthusiast), this year’s Game Fair at the end of July is definitely one not to be missed. 

Boss Off-Road Vehicles, the UK’s sole distributor of Corvus UTVs, will be launching the Terrain DX4 at The Game Fair, Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, from 29th to 31st July.  

Not only is the new Corvus model a beauty to gawk at, but its 100% electric system leaves us foaming at the mouth for what the future of UTVs holds in store for us and the environment. 

Exhibiting at stand FO90 in the orange zone, The Game Fair will be a prime opportunity to check the new and improved model of Europe’s first manufacturer of 4×4 utility vehicles for yourself. 

Thanks to its off-road capabilities, the Terrain DX4 is an electric UTV capable of tackling the toughest working days – which means you may have just run out of excuses to sit around when it’s pouring outside.  

Capable of reaching 40km/h/25mph, the new Terrain DX4 can be driven on roads, making it ideal for a quiet, non-polluting everyday work vehicle that you don’t spend hours fretting over. 

With less maintenance and no fuel costs, UTV electric vehicles are significantly more affordable and cost-effective than traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. On top of that, the new Corvus model offers high load capacity, lower maintenance and high vehicle durability with the precise power needed for all your work-based applications.   

All Terrain DX4 models are approved to EU T1a standards and equipped with automotive safety windshield glass, three-point belts, indicators, headlamps and brake lights, horn, mirrors and windshield wipers – just like a real car! 

The electric battery is 15 kWh lithium-ion and the vehicle comes fitted with a dual power selector with a choice of ‘Range’ and ‘Power’. The Terrain DX4 also offers ample storage and load capacity of up to 300 kg thanks to its large, unique cargo box.  

There are three versions of the Terrain DX4 with a cab and other accessories available. Prices start at £25,499.00 for the DX4 Base EPS, £26,499.00 for the DX4 Pro EPS and £28,499.00 for the DX4 CAB EPS. 

So, what are you waiting for, a horse and buggy? Get your tickets to this year’s Game Fair and see this feat of engineering ingenuity with your own two eyes. 

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