Cordless Tool Power is maturing – what that means to traders

If you’re reading this then there’s a very good chance that you have been working on a very important task and your cordless power tool battery died mid-job.

Well, the good news is that as the industry matures, there is a need and desire for a common battery pack that works on all devices and is not limited to one manufacturer.

The Cordless Alliance system (CAS) are developing a battery pack that works for multiple cordless power tools! Nine of the major power tool manufactures including Metabo have come together to provide this futuristic solution.

The nine German manufactures that are involved with the innovative system are:

  • Metabo 
  • Rothenberger
  • Mafell 
  • Eisenblätter
  • Collomix
  • Haaga 
  • Starmix
  • Eibenstock
  • Steinel

This makes it look very likely that we might just be moving towards a universal battery system for cordless power tools, meaning huge benefits for the end user. Instead of having to invest in multiple battery platforms for different tools in their business, tradesmen can just buy the one – a good quality one too! 

Forward thinking Metabo have been at the heart of this unprecedented reveal, which is an exclusively German team up for time being. 

The base of the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) will be Metabos battery pack technology, an area in which they have spent years innovating and continually improving to achieve this goal.

Horst Garbrecht, The CEO at Metbao said “This is wonderful.” about the launch of this new battery alliance and it really does prove that his company is the most innovative and creative in the industry today.

How will this impact the tradesperson?

This exciting partnership will provide many benefits to the end user, with more freedom, flexibility and saving money just a few of them!

At present, there are over 110 power tools that use the Cordless Alliance System Manufacturers, with the president of Metabo expecting this to continue growing and expanding.

It means that the tradesperson can have easy use of multiple tools all from just one power source, cutting out the need to buy multiple battery packs for individual tools and saving you so much time whilst on site.

It also makes power management much easier, meaning that you won’t have to keep transporting multiple platforms to different jobs or experiencing the pain of your cordless power tools cutting out mid-job. Instead, you can charge your appliances all at once, from one source and generate enough power to last you the day!

This then leads to increased efficiency whilst at work, as it prohibits the need for workers to wait around whilst their tools are charging, or spending time searching around the for the correct battery pack for each tool.

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