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One Man’s Battle To Save Construction Workers – Changing the Mental Health Game in Construction with Mike Turlin

In light of the upcoming World Suicide Prevention Day, we would like to take a moment to highlight Mike Turlin’s contributions to mental health awareness within the construction industry. 

After suffering with his own mental health issues a few years ago, Mike entered a very dark phase from which he saw no way out other than ending his own life. Thankfully, after multiple failed attempts, he sought help and has, since then, striven to help others who are facing the same situation. 

Nowadays, Mike maintains his job as a Project Manager in the construction industry and spends his free time travelling up and down the country with his two mental health campaigning organisations, Construction Buddies and Bentley Mental Health. 

When we sat down with him for a quick chat about his work, the reception of his campaigning and his plans for the future, Mike’s enthusiasm could not have been more infectious, and he is committed to continuing his campaigning for as long as he possibly can. 

As he puts it: 

“I am so passionate now about mental health that one day soon hopefully I’ll be able just to do that full-time and help more people because it’s all about getting people to open up about their issues.” 

To find out more about Mike’s story and the work he has been so tirelessly doing, check out our video. Spoiler alert: watch out for some mouth-watering supercars and some delightful teddy bears! 

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