Clever Technology built into your tools

Every innovation from tool manufacturers is about providing tools that meet the needs and standards of the end user. Certain aspects such as durability, efficiency and obviously safety are key factors tool manufacturers look at when a new product is in development.

The truth is the tradesperson is in the driving seat. If a tool is not good, is not fit for purpose or have the ability to support a day’s work or two. Then it will not get bought by the masses. So, it is in the manufacturers or their shareholder’s better interest.

Here are some cutting edge systems and features in tools that are built to look after your better interests.

  • HiKOKI CordlessDiscGrinder

This tool has a real overload durability capacity and has been designed with safety, power and productivity in mind.

The G18DSL2 cordless disc grinder achieves 1.6 times higher overload durability than the conventional model because of an optimized gear ratio and bigger motor fan for higher burnout resistance.

Comparisons of torques when the motors burn out when the durability index of the previous model is considered 100, which is perfect for the most demanding applications.

Its powerful motor has an over-current protection which helps prevent burnout for longer tool life and runtime whilst the kickback protection system increases user safety. 

This super lightweight model has a slimline soft grip and offers greater user comfort.

  • Power tools from Bosch – Cordless Drill DDH181X

Latest power tools from Bosch, such as the cordless drill DDH181X, have introduced a new technology that reduces the risk of kickback. As these new tools are fuelled with more power, the risk of kickback gets significantly bigger.

If one of these drills gets jammed, applying power to the motor will not free the bit. In fact, some of the latest models have additional power, and high torque movements to rotate the drill, as well as your arms and hands. Albeit tiring, this could also be very dangerous and poses a serious safety threat to the operator.

Boschs new Kickback Control Technology will reduce the risk of your electric drill swinging around and causing bodily harm.

The clever technology that is built into these latest innovations have an acceleration sensor that can detect quick rotational reactions, developing from when one of the drill bits binds. It will limit the rotation by cutting off the motors current and immediately shutting the tool down. 

·      Milwaukee Electric Tool’s ONE-KEY Digital Platform

Milwaukee Electric has introduced their latest innovation called the ONE-KEY digital platform, which has a number of impressive features that can be used online.  The clever system helps businesses to keep track of their tools, the users of the tools and aids inventory management. 

ONE-KEY is also able to sync with some of their drilling and driving tools which have embedded chips, allowing users to customise the speed and torque settings for each specific application. This will definitely help to improve the efficiency whilst on site by ensuring every usage is correct and proper.


SawStop’s integrated technology has saved 6,000 fingers since its introduction.


The tool itself consists of a cartridge which is directly connected to the saw blade and outputs a light electrical signal of 12V 200 kHz which is constantly monitored by the safety system technology.

The human body conducts electricity quite easily, so this technology changes the signal when fingers come in contact with the saw blade. 

And within less than 5 milliseconds, the brake stops the saw blade, and the motor is immediately switched off. 

Without this integrated technology, SawStop would be snatching fingers like there’s no tomorrow, but now most people just get away with a small scratch to the skin!

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