Carry 15 kg of tools and accessories comfortably on your back

Knipex, one of the leading industry specialists for tools, have come up with an amazing bag that offers a discrete practical design for anyone that needs to transport tools around. It can keep your tools safe and protected.

The KNIPEX Modular X18 is made for those who don’t want to compromise on which tools they take where. The backpack can hold up to 15kg and adapts perfectly to its wearer thanks to the fully foldable front and back, a laptop compartment, a removable tool board and ergonomic back padding.

The durable fabric made from sustainable recycled synthetic fibre is splash-proof and easy to clean. The waterproof, 6 cm high base shell made of impact-resistant plastic ensures that the backpack stands firmly on the ground when open and closed. Innovative FIDLOCK® connectors and adapters with fabric loops and MOLLE straps provide many options for individual tool storage and access to the tools. There are also two separate inner compartments on the front and back for tools, measuring devices and a 15″ notebook or tablet. 

With a total of 21 straps, 37 pockets and a luggage strap, everything that needs to be close at hand can be stowed away – whether it’s tools or a laptop. A luggage strap also allows it to be attached to the telescopic handles of tool cases.

The practical backpack weighs only 2.9kg and is available empty or fully equipped for the electrical or plumbing sector. The KNIPEX Modular X18 Electric (00 21 50 E) is equipped with 16 KNIPEX tools, a total of 22 branded tools, partially VDE-tested according to DIN EN 60900. For HVAC professionals, the KNIPEX Modular X18 Plumbing (00 21 50 S) has been packed with 12 KNIPEX tools, a total of 17 branded tools, also partially VDE-tested according to DIN EN 60900. The Modular X18 recently won the prestigious Plus X Award in the categories ease of use, functionality, high quality and ergonomics.

Take a look at the Knipex products we have here on the TOOLKiT site.

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