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Stop piling up your rubbish with Beaverwood’s new Racksack® Mini 

Beaverswood’s newest product launch begs two questions: who would have thought we would need this in our lives? And how did we not realise it sooner? 

TOOLKiT introduces Beaverwood’s latest addition to the racksack® range, the racksack mini®, an improved waste collection and separation solution that isn’t just for the clean freaks among us.  

From warehouses to workbenches in your grandpa’s garage, I think there’s no doubt left that everyone everywhere at all points in time benefits from a clean and organised work environment – and if you don’t believe me, just Google it. 

new racksack mini

Thankfully for us, though, Beaverswood, the workplace visual communications and safety products specialist, has cut our work out for us with their simple, compact and effective solution for better waste management, allowing people to quickly and safely dispose of cardboard, paper, plastic, clips and pretty much any other waste material under the sun. 

Known for its space-saving design, as it hangs on the end of racking units, shelves, or attached to walls, the racksack requires no specialist expertise or experience to install and operate. It is as easy as just hanging it up, so you can say goodbye to all those hours spent sorting through rubbish to find the right tool – or the one you’d been using just two minutes ago. 

Incorporating three strong handles woven into the edge of the sack for easier handling and emptying, the racksack mini is manufactured from hardwearing polyester to withstand the rigours of the harshest work conditions and provide long-term durability without any tears or holes through which your bits and bobs can escape. 

The 600mm wide x 800mm high model comes supplied as standard with mini ‘S’ hooks to attach directly to end frames. A bungee fastener is available to provide a solution to fixing, where there is no option to attach with the hook while fixing plates can also be used to provide a more permanent attachment to walls and desks. 

new mini racksack

Jim Roberts, product manager at Beaverswood, says: 

“The addition of the racksack mini enhances the range and its flexibility to meet the evolving needs of the busy workplace, particularly the need for efficient ways to keep the workplace tidy and uncluttered while saving space. It ticks a box for our customers, who are users of the racksack and have been searching for more space-saving options for different work areas.”  

Keeping your workspace clean and free of clutter has many positive points going for it, of course, including making people more productive, but what perhaps stands out to me the most with this product is how much simpler it’ll maker workplace recycling. 

Let’s be honest, as much as we all want to keep the planet spinning on its axis, sometimes recycling can be a bit of a hassle, particularly when there isn’t a clear system to follow. With racksack, though, all those excuses are gone, as getting waste into the right bin has never been easier and quicker – it’s literally just beside you. 

What do you think of the racksacks? Worth a dime or would you rather just grab whichever plastic bag you’ve got nearest? 

To find out more about the racksack range and other Beaverwoods products, visit their website

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