Amazon’s top power tools of 2021 – so far

IF you want to find the best cordless drill without having to read through all of the reviews, then for our money, the Bosch PSB 1800 li-2 Cordless Combi Drill is king. 

The Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill can be summed up as the perfect all-round DIY tool. It’s not capable of carrying out extensive heavy work as it only weighs 1.3kgs but this is no surprise when you see the price.

It’s mostly used for home DIY tasks and is very well designed with three functions to help you get through a number of materials, whether it be stone, wood or steel.

It’s Amazon’s top selling drill so far and rightly so, with sublime versatility, this high-quality model comes with two batteries, a charger, and a case.

The two Lithium-ION batteries are able to be recharged within an hour, meaning you should never have to worry about running out of power whilst working!

This popular drill also has a 2-speed gearbox is which can be adjusted, with a maximum speed of 1350rpm and a minimum speed of 400rpm which ensures you have the option to easily adjust the settings, depending on the task.

You are choosing bang for buck and features:

Thanks to its 20 pre-selectable torque settings, this combi drill makes for the perfect power driver. The ability to adjust the torque settings enables you to adapt the drill to best suit its purpose, whether you are putting together new bedroom wardrobes from IKEA (we’ve all been there) or removing old screws from your bed frame!

This model also features a syneon chip which is very useful for effective energy management between the electrical compartments, guaranteeing an extended product lifespan.

It also comes with an LED light feature, which makes working in tight, dark corners much easier. The light is bright enough to light up working surfaces and is gentle on the eyes, helping you to perform with high levels of precision even in low lit conditions.

While this combi drill is deservedly Amazon’s top selling drill, if you’re looking to carry out heavy work, you might be best looking at a more powerful model.

What’s included in the package?

  • PSB 1800 LI-2
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Charger
  • Screwdriver bit
  • Carrying case
  • Instruction manual

With its keyless chuck, two-speed gearbox and 20 pre-selectable torque settings it’s no surprise this model is the bestseller on the UK’s largest e-commerce platform. It offers stuff that you would find on really expensive products, but this time for a very reasonable price.

Here are Amazon’s top ten best selling drills of 2021:

1.   Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill (buy it on Amazon about £87.80)

2.   Terratek 13Pc Cordless Drill Driver (buy it on Amazon about £36.99)

3.   BOSCH 06033B7070 PSM 100 A Multi-Sander (buy it on Amazon about £34.79)

4.   Bosch 3603JA8002 IXO Set Cordless Screwdriver (buy it on Amazon about £64.60)

5.   Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ 18 V ONE+ Cordless Combi Drill Starter Kit (buy it on Amazon about £74.99)

6.   BOSCH 06033A0070 PST 700 E Compact Jigsaw (buy it on Amazon about £40.95)

7.   BLACK+DECKER 18 V Cordless 2-Gear Combi Hammer (buy it on Amazon about £72.51)

8.   Electric Screwdriver, HANMATEK Cordless Screwdriver Tool (buy it on Amazon about £16.14)

9.   MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver (buy it on Amazon about £37.99)

10. Makita GA4530R Angle Grinder Slide Switch (buy it on Amazon about £49.99)

Prices are correct at the time of publishing. Links go to Amazon.

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