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Sanding Innovations from National Abrasives Walls, Floors, Ceilings and Corners Get the Treatment

Most of the time I hate sanding – especially when faced with a large wall (or sometimes more than one) that needs to be pristinely smooth…

ByByPeter BrettWednesday, 17th May 2017

ZIPP Mini Air Sander From Master Abrasives – Dinky Sanding with Fine Control

Most of us will use an abrasive at some point in our lives and most will not give a second thought about where the abrasive came…

ByByPeter BrettMonday, 21st August 2017

Einhell Power X-Change Brushless Combi – Weekend Treat or Something More?

Competition in the market is mostly a VERY GOOD THING for consumers because it tends to give us what we want at the prices we can…

ByByPeter BrettMonday, 19th February 2018

Wera 2go Helps us to get Organised Systems, Systems…

Regular users of Wera tools will know that the brand is well known for its systemisation. The tools are cunningly designed to work together to help…

ByByPeter BrettSunday, 21st February 2021

Review: Senco SGT90i – Nailed it?

NAILING ain’t what it used to be. In the ‘Old Days’, competition between gas and pneumatic nailers (and the humble hammer) was all we had to…

ByByDavid KitchenhamTuesday, 1st September 2020

Finding the Level with Draper

Levels – is it a Choice between Good value or Accuracy? Just about every tool supplier has a level or two on its stocksheets, and predictably…

ByByPeter BrettWednesday, 15th August 2018

V-Tuf M – M Class Dust Collection – But With Budget in Mind

Information and Misinformation Unfortunately, since the introduction of more stringent dust control regulations, there has been a lot of information and misinformation bandied about. Some of…

ByByPeter BrettSunday, 18th February 2018

DART PCD Blades – Tough & Long Lasting!

DART’s Polycrystalline Diamond Blades offer the ultimate solution for effortless fast cutting in fibre cement boards & ultra-hard materials, such as Corian. Why PCD? PCD is…

ByByPeter BrettMonday, 19th February 2018

Review: TRACER Pens -Making their mark

WHEN it comes to everyday marking, I confess I most often make do with a carpenter’s pencil, and yes, it is sometimes stored behind my ear…

ByByDavid KitchenhamTuesday, 1st September 2020
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How practical is an electric van right now?

IN a bid to tackle the UK transport sector’s contribution to climate change, the government…

ByByJames CurtisWednesday, 21st July 2021

How to look after your power tools properly

If you’re a professional tradesman, power tools are your best friend when it comes to…

ByByJames CurtisTuesday, 20th July 2021

What could happen to you if you don’t service your tools?

WOULD you take your car on a long journey without an MOT? Probably not. However,…

ByByJames CurtisFriday, 16th July 2021

Should you get your power tools repaired?

YOUR power tools are the staple of your trade.  They cut, drill, sand, apply fixings…

ByByJames CurtisFriday, 16th July 2021

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