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Wera 2go Helps us to get Organised Systems, Systems…

Regular users of Wera tools will know that the brand is well known for its systemisation. The tools are cunningly designed to work together to help…

ByByPeter BrettSunday, 21st February 2021

Draper 15Kg Breaker – Value and Efficiency

Draper Tools has a huge and enviable range of products that is constantly being revised and uprated according to the needs of the market, so it…

ByByPeter BrettSunday, 23rd October 2016

JCB Cagelow Safety Trainers The Comfort of Trainers with safety Built-in

“Fussy about footwear” describes me perfectly and I have a cupboard full of failed purchases to prove it. My feet have to feel comfortable very quickly…

ByByPeter BrettTuesday, 23rd February 2021

Two Diamond Cutting Discs from Klingspor – Making the Cut

To speak to some tradespeople it would seem that the most important thing about a diamond cutting disc is the price. Not the materials it was…

ByByPeter BrettTuesday, 23rd February 2016

Fein ASCM12 Combi Driver Four Speeds = Greater Flexibility for Users

It may seem as though all that the trades want in a cordless drill is endless power and lots of batteries to keep that power constantly…

ByByPeter BrettTuesday, 23rd February 2021

Wera Tool Rebels Take Note

Being a Wera Tool Rebel requires quite a bit of homework in order to keep up with the almost constant stream of innovation emanating fromWuppertal. Wera…

ByByDavid KitchenhamWednesday, 17th February 2021

*STIXALL Double Sided Tape – This is a Stick Up

‘Normal’ double-sided sticky tape does a job, but it does have a few problems in use. It is usually made as thin as a standard sticky…

ByByPeter BrettMonday, 22nd February 2021

National Abrasives Introduce Sianet

It may come as a surprise to end-users that there are relatively few manufacturers of abrasives in the world. What they generally produce for mass consumer…

ByByPeter BrettSunday, 21st May 2017

Draper 12v Capacitor Jump Starter – Safe Starting Review

I, like many others, am slowly learning that I cannot do without the smart electronics in my car. It enables the phone and music connections, satnav…

ByByPeter BrettThursday, 30th April 2020
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KNIPEX launches range of tweezers

WHEN it comes to targeted gripping and working on small workpieces and components, hand tools…

ByByRichard HollisWednesday, 1st September 2021

About Karl Holtey – the founder of Holtey classic hand planes

Karl Holtey is the proud owner of Holtey classic hand planes, which is famous for…

ByByJames CurtisFriday, 27th August 2021


When it comes to jobs such as tying rebar, speed and accuracy are essential. That’s…

ByByDavid KitchenhamTuesday, 17th August 2021

The History Of Tool Making

Hand tools have been around longer than humans – seriously.  But it was the presence…

ByByJames CurtisMonday, 16th August 2021

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Wera Tool Rebels Take Note
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